Did You Know?

  • Utah State University has carried out space science research since 1969 through CASS.
  • CASS supports graduate students to conduct space research in association with dissertation work.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students are currently involved in numerous research projects in CASS that provide opportunities to program computers, analyze data, and build instrumentation. These students receive valuable exposure to scientific programs as well as "hands-on" experience in research while they pursue degrees.
  • CASS scientists have active collaborations with international and national space researchers in over 30 countries.
  • CASS Scientists operate two observatories in northern Utah, fielding both optical and radio instruments to remote sense the upper atmosphere and ionosphere.
  • Scientists and their students in CASS publish more than forty papers annually.
  • The first ionospheric data assimilation model to be used by the US Air force on behalf of the Department of Defense is GAIM, which is being developed in CASS.


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